Guitar lessons online in Port Elizabeth, the rest of South Africa and worldwide is another important part of my teaching. Your ideal situation for maximum progress when learning to play the guitar is one on one lessons with a private teacher. However, if there is no suitable teacher in your area or you are not able to get yourself to a local teacher, then online tuition via Skype or Zoom etc. is the next best option


How we do this

1. You will need a laptop or desktop computer with online capability.


2. Besides a suitable guitar, you should preferably have a guitar tuner (which could be an app. on your cell phone)


3. You would have a fixed half hour lesson time each week. If you are unable to make the lesson, then it will be rescheduled to another time provided you give at least 24 hours notice.


4. You should be able to print music sent to you as a PDF file


5. You should be able to schedule regular practice time into your daily routine


6. Payment must be made in advance by electronic bank transfer.


For more information please contact me directly

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