Q. Do you teach complete beginners?

A. Yes


Q. How do lessons work?

A. Lessons are given in 10 week terms, basically following the four school terms per year. The student attends one half hour lesson per week, but can choose to take longer lesson periods with a pro-rata increase in fees.


Q. What kind of guitar do I need to have?

A. It depends on the type of music you want play. For rock and blues guitar you will want a steel string electric (solid body or semi-acoustic) with amplifier. The same for jazz but you can also play jazz on a nylon string instrument. Classical guitar is strictly on nylon string acoustic guitar, but I suggest you contact me directly for more detailed advice.


Q. What is the youngest age a child could start lessons?

A. It really depends on the child concerned, their concentration span and

finger strength, co-ordination and control.

But generally I teach kids from 6 years old,
Guitar lessons for kids Port Elizabeth requires a specialized syllabus and I have developed such a course over many years.


Q. What kind of guitar should I buy for my 6 year old?

A. Preferably a ¾ size nylon string guitar.

Q. I am in my 60s and recently retired and would like to take guitar up as a beginner. Am I too old?

A. You can start studying guitar at any age. Obviously once you are in your retirement years you will never become a virtuoso, but you can get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from what you do achieve. After all, the primary function of music is to improve our quality of life.


Q. What is the advantage of having a teacher as against searching for playing info on the internet?

A. You can teach yourself to a certain extent by learning from web lesson sites, but a teacher will offer you a structured and progressive programme in the various aspects of playing. A good teacher will continually observe your strengths and weaknesses and cater for your personal needs in those areas. A computer can never do that. If you want to do it properly, you can’t do better than having a qualified and experienced teacher.


Q. I am not sure what genre of music I should study on guitar. How can I choose the right one for me?

A. When I begin students who are undecided, I usually start them on a general course so they get an

insight into the various possibilities. They can then decide to specialize or stay with all styles to become really versatile musicians.




Q. How long will it take before I can play?

A. Learning to play the guitar is a progressive thing. At your very first lesson you would be able to play the A minor chord which means you would be able to play the accompaniment for the song “Chain of Fools” from the movie “The Commitments” as it only uses that one chord. So you could say that you can play the guitar within 15 minutes. But you would still be very limited in your knowledge and ability. From there on it is a constant, exciting and never ending journey into acquiring skills and knowledge, all the time making you a better and better musician. So there is no point at which you really can say “now I know it all and can play anything”.


Q. What benefits will my child derive from learning to play the guitar?

A. There are many benefits to studying any music instrument besides the primary goal of being able to make music competently. Children learn self-discipline, improved concentration, improved ear-hand-eye co-ordination etc.  It has been observed that students who study a music instrument do better academically than otherwise. They can also become members of school bands or other ensembles and groups which will bring new experiences and social interaction. Once they are in High School or University they can earn extra pocket money playing at weddings and other gigs. And music is an activity that one can enjoy for life. What better activity to keep the mind active in old age than reading, memorizing and playing pieces.


Q. Will I be able to play exams?

A. Yes. Many students do want to play external exams (grades or diplomas) in which case I prepare and enter them for either Trinity Classical, Rock&Pop or Rockschool  exams. Students can also request to enter for Unisa or Royal Schools exams.


Q. If I want to do music as a subject at High School, will I be able to do the guitar practical part with you at your studio?

A. Yes, I have taught many music subject students from schools such as Grey, Collegiate, Pearson, VP,  Framesby, Westering, Woodridge and Alexander Road. You would do the lessons at my studio but I would come to your school for exams. You would of course need to get the OK from your school’s head of music in advance.


Q. If I want to study music for a degree or diploma at university, will I be able to do the guitar practical lectures with you at your studio?

A. Yes, I am accredited guitar lecturer at the Nelson Mandela University and have been lecturing guitar students for the Music Department for more than 40 years.



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